The Club had an overwhelming response from the public who donated around 20,0000 books that filled 624-boxes.  A very wide range of reading material was received along with CDs and kids games.

The most popular genres were: Fiction (54% of all books), History, Biography, Non-fiction, Children’s, Sport, NZ, Art, Gardening. Net takings was over $12,000, up 3% from 2021 which will go directly into the community project Trust Account.

Early on Saturday, Book Buyers were lined up ready for the $20 Early bird session. The intermittent rain didn’t fail to dampen the public buying spirit that followed evidenced by the arm loads of fiction and banana-box-bargains.

The Kid’s Yellow Digger was ‘sold’ to a very generous lady who placed a last minute bid of $100.

A big thank you to the Team of 40 who contributed their time (and sore backs) hauling, stacking, sorting books for the weeks leading up to the event; the ladies who provided the baking supplies that kept the troops going for the two days; to Reido, Gwynyth,  Lloyd, Bruce, Noel, Phil, Tiki, Peter M, and Barry. Not forgetting Rhett and his van and Johnny Tapu’s lads who magic’d away a good selection of remaining books that will be destined for the Pacific; to The Alford Family Trust; Matt and Sarah for their trailer; Paul for organising the tables; Tony and the Board of the Community House for putting up with us disrupting their wonderful facility.

Bill and Barry have made the executive decision of booking the facility to do it all again same time, same place, next year!