2021 RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)

Every year the club selects and funds two candidates aged 20 – 28 years from the Onehunga One Tree Hill catchment to attend the RYLA course. Leadership, team work and communication skills are taught over a week and takes place at the Muriwai Surf Club.


Dates: 1-7 May, 2021
Location: Muriwai Beach, Auckland
Luke Tamihau and John-Paul Goulding were our club sponsored attendees this year and shared their experience with the club at our 31 May meeting.
Learnings were:
– What it takes to lead a small group
– A fixed mind set vs a growth mind set-with the latter allowing you to pivot

– Feeling vulnerable is felt by all and it’s hard to admit when you are wrong – it’s OK to fail

– The importance of having a network of support
– Having a sense of purpose is helpful as is a sense of perspective.
– Honest constructive communication is required from good leaders

RYLA: How it works

What is RYLA?

RYLA is a Rotary organised programme promoting youth leadership and catering to young aspiring leaders aged between 20-28. Since its inception in 1960, thousands of young people around the world have benefited from attending the RYLA training course. Many have gone on to be outstanding leaders of their families, their businesses and the communities in which they live.
Delegates are sponsored either by a local Rotary Club, a local business, the business for whom they work or by private arrangements. We encourage businesses to promote their young leaders with a RYLA experience as the benefits are numerous and embrace all areas of the young person’s lives.
The varied week at RYLA has proved extraordinarily successful for many years. It provides an environment in which young people can develop their leadership, team work and communication skills. Many RYLA graduates have referred to the experience as “the week that changed my life”. Often the friendships made during the RYLA week develop into life time networks, benefiting the delegates in all areas of their lives.
Administered by Rotarians and facilitated by professional trainers, it targets young people aged 20-28 who may still be at university or already working. They do not need to be in a leadership role at this time.


When: Sunday 28 April – Saturday 4 May
Where: Muriwai Beach Surf Club Muriwai Beach, Auckland